GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana are specialists in a very wide range of oil and gas services.  We have worked in West Africa, from our Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana bases since 2005 and know how to deliver top quality, dependable services in a challenging area of the world to operate in.

Our large employee base and dedicated contractor network mean that we can resource up for opportunities very quickly and we’re always ready to deliver competitive services at short notice.

Our people are well trained and properly certified, our equipment is always calibrated and our materials are fully traceable so that when we do a job for our clients, we do it properly.  We don’t cut corners.

Starting out with a manpower supply offering, we’ve significantly expanded the service range over the years, to now offer a vast portfolio of oil and gas services to internationally recognised standards.
We have trusted relationships with many of the largest oil and gas companies in the world and although we’re smaller in size, we pride ourselves on delivering world class services.

If you’re entering West African territory and are looking for a dependable partner to rely on for the services we provide, look no further and contact us.

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