GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana fabrication facilities, located in the centre of the oil and gas activity in Takoradi, Ghana, provide the perfect bases to cater for our clients demanding requirements for top quality fabrication and asset repair services. We have a very impressive collection of fabrication tooling and equipment which is operated by some extremely talented, experienced and dedicated fabrication personnel who are independently accredited to all of the relevant standards.

We adopt a can-do approach to getting things done for our clients from the fabrication of a gas rack on the smaller scale right through to the construction and assembly of an offshore helideck. We also carry out asset repair work to existing structures, like the Pedestrian Access Ramp shown in the ‘Our Work‘ section on this website.

No request is deemed too small for us to consider and we take pride in ensuring that the work we carry out comes with all of the necessary traceability documentation upon request.

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