During a recent external client audit, Schlumberger’s lead auditor commented that ‘the investment GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana had made into their inspections division was paying huge dividends and that he would happily take this team anywhere in the world to conduct inspections’. We enjoy receiving comments like this as they are a product of the… Read more »

As one of the first companies to offer OCTG services to the Oil and Gas sectors in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, we have the experience, manpower and technology in place to deliver a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Our OCTG teams are made up of highly skilled local personnel and very experienced supervisors… Read more »

We are able to rapidly mobilise our highly skilled IRATA accredited rope access technicians to client facilities in West Africa and the rest of the world.  We deliver a world-class service in accordance with industry standards for rope access operations and experienced IRATA Level III supervisors oversee our crews activities. We can offer clients IRATA… Read more »

GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana have highly qualified NDT / QA Technicians available to conduct a multitude of class leading asset integrity inspections on client equipment whether it be key structural elements on platforms such as decks, tanks, hulls and legs through to pipe work, tank gauging or fixed lifting equipment. Coupled with rope access experience… Read more »

GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana continue to make significant investment in developing the Lifting team to be the best in Ghana. Our inspectors are independently accredited by LEEA. GRO are also very proud to be accredited as an organisation by LEEA. Included amongst the extensive range of lifting related services we provide are: Periodic loose lifting gear inspections… Read more »